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Wellness Therapy Retreats

This pandemic has given us all time to think about our lives, especially our relationships. Last year, along with another couple, my husband and I decided to start a wellness retreat business. We always look forward to time away from life, jobs and kids and we felt like other couples, individuals and families may feel the same way as us.

Our wellness retreats include 5 star accommodations, personalized activities and world class therapy. We want to be the best at what we do and help others feel rejuvenation, rekindle relationships, relax and have fun.

We originally wanted to travel, especially to New Zealand for these retreats but this pandemic had other plans so we've hosted right here in the beautiful state of Utah. Below is a picture on a hike on our last retreat in Eden, Utah. Our featured couple enjoyed 5 days that included a message, chiropractic adjustment, an ATV adventure, Jet skiing, hiking, biking, group couples therapy, good food, individual therapy and soaking in the hot tub.

If you're looking for a unique wellness retreat that includes therapy, visit us at We know you wont regret it!

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