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Making an Anxiety Toolbox

Updated: Mar 21

Since the beginning of time people have used items or coping strategies to deal with their emotions and anxieties. Babies are given items like binkies, blankets and stuffed animals to help them sooth themselves. It probably wouldn't be socially acceptable to walk around with our blankets as adults, but it would be nice some days!

If you know that you struggle with Anxiety on a regular basis, it's time to identify your anxiety triggers and create your own toolbox.

What are my Anxiety triggers?

In order to identify your anxiety Triggers, consider talking to someone close to you or your therapist about a list or you can take an online quiz to identify what your triggers may be. Triggers may include social situations, work, school, family conversations or situations, time alone, going to a new place, performances, decision making, expectations, phone or other devices, pressures or etc.

Write down a list of all the things that you feel cause you anxiety and rate them from 1-10, 1 causing no anxiety at all and 10 causing you the most anxiety.

Once you have your Anxiety triggers list identified, you're ready to build your toolbox!

What is an Anxiety Toolbox and how do I make one?

A toolbox is defined a place to keep needed tools. An anxiety toolbox can take many forms but may be as simple as making a list. Your list will include coping and soothing mechanisms that you can do when you are experiencing one of your triggers. Your Anxiety Toolbox can be a list you keep on your phone, a list that you memorize or a list you carry with you on paper.

Your Anxiety Toolbox may also include a bag or container with items such as a stress ball, a snack, pictures of loved ones, a container or sand or rice, listening to certain songs, a stuffed animal or pillow or many other items or options.

Your Anxiety Toolbox and list should include ways to sooth or recalibrate your system.

Other options for an Anxiety Toolbox may include breathing techniques, going for a walk, taking a shower, going outside and many more options. Think of things that help you to reset one of your 5 senses.

Living with my Anxiety Toolbox

The best thing about you is that you know you best. Be creative and try different things for your Anxiety Toolbox. Don't be afraid to talk about it with others. Record what works and what doesn't. Just because it's a "Toolbox" doesn't mean it has to fit in a box.

You are amazing and can make a very successful Anxiety Toolbox!

Let us know if you live in the Logan or Cache valley area and are looking for a therapist 435-279-6036.

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