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Counseling is not for the Weak

I am strong, I don't need counseling.

Actually, did you know that because you're strong, that's exactly why you need counseling? Let me explain.

Therapy used to be a hushed word. No one wanted to talk about it or admit that they actually go see a therapist. It was the stigma that you had something really major going on in your life and that your world was falling apart.

Do you truly believe the new saying that your mental health is just as important as your physical health? It's more true now than ever. Your mental health is constantly stretching with the ever-present craziness of our virtual world. Virtually, you are managing emails and posts while quickly digesting emotional feelings without the ability to see other's reactions or talk in person. Family life is busy and demanding. Your schedule is busy, you barely have time to breath. Even your 4 year old has an adult-like schedule between school, soccer and music classes. You compartmentalize emotions and feelings while on the go not even realizing it. You fit in your relationships where you can. You are busy, independent and you are strong.

You are strong and that's exactly why you need counseling.

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