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Family therapy is an important key to helping relationships become and stay healthy.  Not every family is the same and we like to treat each family individually and address the needs and desired outcomes.

Ora Counseling is committed to helping families become stronger by improving and facilitating communication, developing and maintaining healthy boundaries, promoting problem-solving by better understanding family dynamics, building empathy  and overall reducing conflicts within the family.

Happy Family in Nature
Image by James Besser

Create your own family recipe by setting family goals.  Here are some ingredients/goal ideas you could add to your family recipe:
-Spend more time as a family, like family game night, family date night out or family movie night
-Start a family book club
-Eat more veggies 
-Save up for a special family vacation
-Volunteer or serve together
-Divvy up household chores to share the workload.
-Be more physically active together
-Commit to device free dinners

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