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Being a teenager is tough.  Being the parent of a teenager can be even more difficult!  Ora Counseling specializes in helping teens understand themselves, their thinking patterns and find positive behavior solutions.
Adolescent/teen therapy focuses on the underlying emotional issues that may be interfering with your child's development. Our skilled clinicians will determine individual, appropriate treatment needs and goals.  Therapy is a collaborative process with parents and may involve parent meetings.

Boy Checking his Phone
Happy Children


Ora Counseling provides therapy   for children struggling with mental, behavioral, and emotional issues.   Our therapists will identify issues, create individual treatment plans, and help your child deal with presenting challenges that may be affecting happiness and stability.


Parenting can be rewarding and challenging.  Ora Counseling wants to help by offering parent therapy to provide the necessary knowledge, tools, guidance, and support to parents 
without bias or judgment.

Family Fun in Field
Happy family


Ora Counseling is committed to helping families become stronger by improving and facilitating communication, developing and maintaining healthy boundaries, promoting problem-solving by better understanding family dynamics, building empathy  and overall reducing conflicts within the family.

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